Meridian Management, Temporary Staffing , Permanent Placement, Outsourcing, Consulting and Outplacement.ABOUT US

Our Mission:

To provide world-class recruitment and staffing solutions across the globe, with a pronounced emphasis on the Middle East. With associates in key markets around the world, with top-notch professionals holding critical responsibilities, we offer our unstinted commitment to both clients and candidates.

Our Message

We believe in people power and we are also convinced that this most valuable asset is to be selected, maintained and retained by employing best available resources in an organization.

Being a hardcore HR people, We decided 25 years back to create a world-class organization to support professional companies in selecting this most important asset by employing best resources. It requires good infrastructure, professional employees, an industry specialization organization, a well-integrated system and world-class technology.

Our Committment.

Our vision is to create a global HR company and to realize the same, we require partners like you and I invite you to come and test our capabilities in recruitment and job placement.