HSE & Quality Assurance- Social Responsibility 

Meridian Management, Temporary Staffing , Permanent Placement, Outsourcing, Consulting and Outplacement.

Our number one priority! We work on the principle that if we do not get it right first time, people or the environment may be harmed. We believe that everyone is a “Safety Leader” and we are all responsible for each other. Everything we do is based on best practices in the industry.

Brings opportunities by good Business Relationships

People are our business. Our team is made up of seasoned senior professionals from all of the major disciplines. We value our employees and we treat our customers with the highest respect and regard!

Trust –based on mutual respect

We strive to work in an honest environment. We encourage our customers and our own people to always “Do the right thing”!

Nurture our Motivation

A key element of our business is challenging established practices. We encourage our people “To think outside the box” and we encourage our customers to join us on that journey. We believe that when you can clearly see the way forward, an innovative idea will follow.